Our Projects

Double Stack Window Decor
Lighting control can be such a challenge with double stack windows. The client did not want motorized blinds so we designed draw drapes with decorative rods that accommodate the weight of the fabric. Adding a second fabric and trim compliment the decor of the room.
Box Pleated Valances
Swags create an elegant flow to a beautiful master bathroom. It is the crowning touch to a luxurious room.
Silk Dining Room
The beauty of silk never fails a formal dining room! This stripe is accented with a solid color adding interest to the panels. A decorative rod with rings adds richness to the room.
Piano Room Blue
Decorative knobs are a creative way to hang stationary side panels. The knobs are available in many sizes and finishes. Contact us today to see the beautiful options for your home!
Bay Window Side Panels
These honey comb blinds are perfect for most any window. The top down, bottom up feature lets you see out the top without the neighbors seeing in! You can raise them all the way to the top for an open look. Honey comb blinds are the best for keeping winter cold and summer heat out, making your furnace and air conditioner more efficient.
Brighton Eye Clinic
Screen shades are the perfect application for commercial buildings. This eye clinic selected an opaque shade to minimize the sun light and protect the patient's eyes. These shades work great for lake front property also. Select a more transparent shade, different color, and see your entire view while blocking the damaging effects of the sun.