Blinds For Every Room

The goal for every window treatment we create at Maple Grove Designs is to be beautiful as well as functional. For rooms where privacy is a concern, or where full control over the amount of light in the room is desired, blinds are often the best solution.

All of our blinds are carefully selected and customized to perfectly suit your home in Brighton, White Lake, Milford, Hartland, and Highland, MI. While blinds can be used as a single window treatment option, they can also be combined with shutters, or used with draperies for additional privacy. Our screen shades are ideal for limiting direct sunlight while still providing natural light.

Contemporary Roman Shades & Shutters
Shutters combined with working roman shades are so flexible and work to enhance your surroundings. The roman shades can be lowered when watching television. The shutters can be angled slightly to see outside, or closed completely for privacy. Combining the two add personality and style to the room.
Brighton Eye Clinic
Screen shades are the perfect application for commercial buildings. This eye clinic selected an opaque shade to minimize the sun light and protect the patient's eyes. These shades work great for lake front property also. Select a more transparent shade, different color, and see your entire view while blocking the damaging effects of the sun.